About us


We are Alan & Fil. 

We are passionate about pizza. Making it, eating it (loads of) and talking about it!

We created z - Pizzaiolo Tribe with the aim of connecting Pizza Places and Pizza Chefs. We would like to achieve this by building a community where people in our industry can share knowledge, experiences and insights. Our main aim is to build bridges, to get to know the people that work in this amazing sector and create long lasting relationships. From Flour Mills to cheese makers, from Pizza chef to Pizzeria owners, from single site operation to a franchise. As long as your pizza is artisanal (or you serve this market) we want to talk to you.


WHAT DO WE OFFER (to employers)

For a start we offer free advertisement on our job board, but also the opportunity to reach, via our various groups, pages and website, a community of pizza professionals.

Sometimes employers ask us to get more involved and help them find talented pizza chefs. If this is what you are looking for, we can put together a competitive package which includes search, screening, introduction and follow up.

Our strengths are:

  • Community based approach
  • Niche job board with targeted reach
  • The ability to reach pizzaioli that may not be active on the job market, but can be tempted to move given the right salary and growth opportunities.


WHAT DO WE OFFER (to candidates - free of charge)

  • Help with CVs, LinkedIn profiles and general presentation
  • Introduction to recruiters that may not be on the market yet
  • Follow ups & Feedback

If you have any questions about z - Pizzaiolo Tribe, or would like to know more, please email us at ciao@pizzaiolotribe.com


Alan & Fil