This is a page where to find information about Brexit. On this page we found out more on how to become a sponsor, hire pizza chefs from outside the UK and avoid common pitfalls.



Listen to the latest news regarding the UK immigration point system for employers to hire pizzaiolo from Italy or Europe.




Come sponsorizzare un pizzaiolo

Come fare la domanda per diventare un "licenced sponsor"

Come Passare il test di Inglese B1

Vuoi lavorare nel Regno Unito come pizzaiolo? Questi sono i costi

What Brexit means for Italian Pizzaioli planning to move to the UK



In the this episode of Connecting the Doughs podcast, we interview Louis MacWilliam, Head of Immigration at law firm Truth Legal Solicitors. Louis will tell us more about the new immigration system for any employer who can't find skilled pizza chefs and needs to bring a workforce from outside the UK. Louis has written a blog on this issue, How to sponsor a chef (key changes in 2021 & what you need to know).




In the tenth episode of Connecting the Doughs, we interview immigration law expert and associate at Latitude Law firm, Shara Pledger, who tells us more about the new point based system and the process to apply to become a sponsor. You can also find more information regarding topical immigration issues on their website blog here.