Episode 39: Interview with Kristjan Longar, Chief Operating Officer at Swedish restaurant group BASTA! Urban Italian (ENGLISH)

Sunday, May 15, 2022

🇬🇧 In the 39th episode of Connecting the Doughs we catch up with Kristjan Longar Chief Operating Officer and former Executive Chef at BASTA! Urban Italian, a successful restaurant and pizzeria group based in Sweden. 

Kristjan will tell us more about the inspiration and the evolution of the Basta! concept from the punk-rock theme of the early days in 2017 to the transformation into an Italian sun-kissed holiday destination. 

We’ll also talk about the appreciation for handmade food, sourcing key ingredients directly from producers in Italy, choosing the right-size city for opening a new restaurant, and about the ever-increasing challenge to find talent in the hospitality sector. Enjoy!

BASTA! Urban Italian website.

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