5 pizza trends for 2021

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Happy new year! 

Today I had a quick chat with Filippo (my business partner and co-founder of Pizzaiolo Tribe) and we think these are the 5 trends in the pizza world that we will see more of in 2021:

  1. Pizza in the post

    Challenging periods always bring out the best in entrepreneurs. When pizzerias had to shut due to the lockdown, some came up with the idea of sending pizza kits by mail. These kits contain dough, passata, mozzarella and either ingredient to make your own pizza at home. A new method of cooking pizza in a pan on the cooker first and then finish it in the oven was invented. It's not pizzeria quality, but good enough for entertaining the family. We have talked to Calum and Ed of thegood-slice.com that created a box containing Romana pizza style and various toppings that fits your letter box!

  2. Vegan or Plant Based

    This is a trend that started a few years, but we can only see it grow. Vegans are very engaged, share information and are very vocal too. While we write this another vegan pizzeria has just announced it will open in London around March. Pizzerias are in a great position too as pizza bases are vegan J.

  3. Pizza Contemporanea

    Again this is not a totally new trend but it’s here to stay. The “cornicione” is very instagrammable and now pizza chefs not only want a nice airy one, but also one that’s tasty and easy to eat.

  4. Doughs without refined flours like “00”

    The vast majority of pizzaioli we talked to in forums and through our “connecting the doughs” has now abandoned “00” flour in favour of “0”, Tipo 1, wholemeal and other cereals or wheat.

  5. Pizza Gourmet

         We still need to hear a convincing definition of “Gourmet Pizza”, but this is a fairly new concept and although it may not go mainstream any time soon is still something that will appear a lot in the sector. We don’t think this lend itself to being delivered so this may            be a bit of a challenge.

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