Pizza Place VS Pizza Truck

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This week we found some interesting debate going on online, in this case the topic was: How difficult is it to set up a mobile pizza business and what are the pro and cons compared to a brick & mortar pizza place.

Recording our podcast, talking to business owners and generally keeping an eye on the various pizza chef groups, we have learnt that although setting up a mobile pizza business may be slightly cheaper and easier than opening a brick and mortar pizzeria, it’s not all that is cracked up to be!

The costs will obviously vary according to the Van we want to convert and the equipment we buy, but to give you an idea, this is what you can expect to spend:

Van conversion


Pizza oven on a trailer


Prep Kitchen/Storage

£500 a month

Quality Gazebo


Quality Concertina tables

£300 each

Quality folding chairs

£20 each

Cheap Dough mixer


2x 400L fridge

£800 each

120L freezer


15x dough trays


Power lights and suitcase generator


Utensil (Cutters, Peels etc)


Pizza Boxes x 100



£250 per month


Roughly £9k for the first year with a trailer


 By comparison setting up a brick and mortar restaurant can be way more expensive. Pam from “The Pizza Room” reckons you need between £60K and £80K. Those are the main costs:

Renting A3 premises

£20K per year

Deposit and Rent advance (3 months each)


Solicitors fees


Painting and Decorating


Equipment (Average, without expensive oven)


Furnishing (as a bear minimum)


Electrical installations


Initial Stock





 So what are the pros and cons



  • It’s difficult to find spots where you don’t annoy any other traders
  • It’s a seasonal business (busy in the summer, especially if you  cater for weddings and festivals, and quieter in the winter)
  • Working in the rain, cold and wind is not fun
  • Obtaining a street vendor licence can be a nightmare
  • Because converted vans/trucks are loaded with (literally) tons of equipment they are subject to higher wear and tear



  • You can work when you like (although if you have a regular spot consistency is key)
  • Cheaper to set up than a pizza place
  • Lower overheads (Staff, rent, business rates)
  • The ability to move from area to area if one area proves not profitable


Can you add to the debate? Do you have any experience in running a mobile pizza business?







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