Blog - June 2021

  • Pizza Chefs Salaries Report

    Posted on Wednesday, June 16, 2021 by Alan Pizzaiolo TribeNo comments

    We have analysed 80 live jobs on and Indeed and collated this information. Things to consider: When a range was given we used the middle point. For instance if the job ad stated from £11/h to £13/h, we used £12/h The jobs we used were live as at June 15 and no older than 2 weeks For London we included zone 1 to 6 We divided the positions into Head Pizza Chef and Pizza ...

  • Employers need to start running a company not for themselves, but for everyone.

    Posted on Thursday, June 3, 2021 by Alan Pizzaiolo TribeNo comments

    We have been calling the “shortage of pizza chefs” well before Brexit happened, and in as much as we hate saying “we told you so”, this was plain and clear to everyone that would bother thinking about what would happen once the UK closed its borders. What we didn’t know was the extent of it, both in size and geographically. Brexit was the nail in the coffin, but the pandemic was the instigator. ...