"The time to cook a Neapolitan pizza" interview. Round 1

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This week we start a series of brief interviews, that as the title suggests, only take about 90 seconds.

Our first guests is Davide Riccio, Chef Ambassador at Pizza Pilgrims. A you will be able to tell from some of the answers, he comes from Naples :)

 Let us know your thoughts and whether you can think of different questions


1.       Would you rather fight one giant pizza or 100 small ones?

100 small ones.

2.       When making dough, do you add olive oil at the beginning or the end?

No oil at all, if I had to at the end

3.       If you had 15 minutes to share a pizza and a beer with a famous person who would that be?


4.       Favourite song when you make your dough balls (balling or spallinare)?

Na Tazzulella ‘E Cafè, Pino Daniele

5.       What pizza best describes your personality?

Margherita with Mozzarella di Bufala, all’ombra

6.       What’s the most unique pizza you have made? (maybe a special)

Neapolitan Ragu Pizza

7.       Chef Jacket or T-shirt?


8.       Where do you get your inspiration from?

People I meet everyday

9.       Favourite pizza account on Instagram?

Pizza Pilgrims

10.   Somebody walks into your pizzeria, points a gun to your head and says “Make me a pizza with pineapple or I’ll shoot you!” What pizza do you make?

Pizza is happiness, whatever makes you happy 😊



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