I want to go to the States. Can you help?

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Very often we are asked questions on our social media channels. They vary from the straightforward "Do you have any jobs", to general advice, to very specific and more difficult professional "How can I achieve my goal?"

Last week a young Italian pizzaiolo sent me this message (I have shortened it and made it to the point):

"Hi  Alan,

I have dream called USA, and I want to realise it at all costs. I am 29 and I live in Rome. I love travelling and I have been to all continents, but my dream remains to start a food truck on Ocean's Drive, Miami. I have been working on this for a few years now. I was wondering whether you can help me. I am willing to do anything to make my cream come true"

The message was very polite and I could feel this person strong desire and passion. He wants to achieve a dream and he won't stop at anything. I know there are plenty of people in this situation. Some will want to go to the USA, some to Australia, others to the UK. The main obstacle is always the same: finding a sponsor.

So how can you achieve your dream when you are competing against so many others?

  • For once you have to be very good at what you are doing. Not withstanding immigration rules, nobody is going to sponsor a commis chef or someone that has just completed a pizzaiolo course. You must have proven experience.
  • An employer is running a big risk in sponsoring someone they have never met or seen at work. You need to convince them they are making the right choice and alleviate their concerns. You need to build a "ME" (replace with your name) brand. Create a profile on LinkedIn and Instagram. Showcase your work, your specials, your philosophy. Instagram can act as your interactive CV. Having a well curated professional Instagram page, with both videos and photos, will increase your chances of sponsorship exponentially
  • Network. Network. Network. Who you know counts as much as what you know. Connect with people that may help your cause "pizzerias, mulini (flour producers, mills), other pizza chefs,  join Pizzaiolo Facebook  groups in that nation, join the conversation, be useful, give your input, gain some respect and authority.
  • You must speak the language. I am not sur about other countries, but work in the UK you need at least level B1 (Upper Intermediate).  If you want to work in an Anglo-Saxon country, but you are not studying the language, then you are not trying hard enough. Especially considering that speaking a bit of English will always serve you well in life.

If you need any help or advice, give us a shout!

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